mother’s day gifts

happy (almost) mother’s day! my ideal day would be to sleep in, breakfast in bed and then, if the weather is nice, go to some vineyards. do y’all have any fun traditions?

a few ideas for all the moms in your life! spoil them- they deserve it!


a lantern and a speaker in one!


i love pretty much everything by marysia but this one might be my favorite.


flower delivery and/or subscription from the bouqs.


blue apron meal/s- we use them about once a month and it is the best. we’ve loved all the meals and it’s so easy and convenient, even for someone like me who doesn’t love to cook.

cuyana-leather-laptop-sleeve-in-blushi’m a huge fan of cuyana. loving this laptop sleeve!


loving this terrafirma tray from open door shop (a charleston favorite).

these books look really good.


how cute is this? the notebook inspired vintage travel poster. i just purchased this from (couldn’t resist) windowshopgal‘s etsy store. there are more from other movies/shows too-love! (realllly into this breaking bad one too.)


engagement gift basket

with so many big life events constantly being announced by friends (basically) daily, i thought it might be helpful to put together a few gift ideas (kind of like how i did here). i love the idea of a basket that incorporates a wide variety of things at different price points- perfect for the Mr and the Mrs! Plus, who doesn’t like multiple presents?!

here are a few things to get started!



homemade gift baskets

gift basket


since moving into our house in june, our neighbors have been so sweet, helpful and welcoming- we couldn’t ask for more! so i decided to put together a little homemade christmas basket for each neighbor. you can’t really beat the combo of homemade, sweet treats and a little Christmas touch.

candied citrus peel– something different yet so pretty!


shortbread toffee bars (there are a bunch of different recipes out there for this but this is my family’s recipe which is the BEST.)

photo via the kitchn
photo via the kitchn
for the shortbread:
2 c flour
1 c (2 sticks) butter
2/3 c powdered sugar
cream together butter and sugar. add flour. (dough will be very stiff) pat into a 15.5″ x 10.5″ jelly roll pan. you can use a rolling pin to help smooth it out in the pan. bake at 350 for approximately 19 minutes until lightly browned.
for the toffee:
1 c butter
2 T white corn syrup
1/2 c granulated sugar
1 can ‘eagle’ brand sweetened condensed milk
melt butter in heavy saucepan. add rest of ingredients. stir over medium high heat for approximately 7-10 minutes. toffee will thicken and become creamy. (butter will incorporate.) pour toffee over hot shortbread. cool completely.
for the topping:
2 giant hershey chocolate bars (approximately 14 oz)
3 T butter cut in small pieces
put in a glass bowl and cover with wax paper. melt in microwave on high for 2 minutes. it won’t be completely melted but stir until smooth. spread over cooled toffee and shortbread. cool until firm but not really hard. cut into 1″ squares.
should make about 8 dozen (obviously great for gifts + extra for you!) keep refrigerated or frozen- i prefer this. pieces thaw rapidly when taken out of the freezer and separated. hide from your dad 24/7. (obviously my aunt wrote these very helpful instructions hahaha! but really, hide them!)

some other ideas- gingerbread, christmas cinnamon rolls, caramel nougat swirls, the best chocolate chip cookies.