gallery wall recipe


– a good mix of art- the more the better! you can always eliminate when you layout your design. my gallery wall includes thrift finds, original artwork (including a mixed media, abstract ice cream cone by my favorite 5 year old), abstracts and photography. i really like illustrated quotes, organic paintings or photos (rocks, leaves, etc), neutrals with pops of vibrant colors and old maps/topography.
[side note- i’m really sentimental (maybe too much?) so i added some kitschy art from my granny and a random sticky note that simply says “jordan’s gold heart” that she had written and placed in a plastic bag with my heart necklace that had broken. i took it to staples and had them blow it up. it’s something so personal and gets a lot of attention.]

-frames (i really like these. keep it simple with uniform frames or you can mix it up with vintage and new)

-hanging tools (see below)


-find your art. places to look include goodwill, antique stores, flea markets, estate/ yard sales, online (etsy, 20×200, serena & lily, design darling, etc), anywhere! if you like it, scoop it up!

-find frames you like or better yet, if they’re framed already, great!

-find a big wall- location suggestions- half bath, entry, living room, kids/playroom.

-lay out your design on the floor. make it very uniform or organized. also, here are some layouts.

-actual hanging directions!

also- a few quick reads on gallery walls! (apartment therapy & architectural digest)

need some real life inspiration? here’s mine!