feeling green

when you have a baby, everything changes- i know, i know, SO cliche buuut its true. you start to be more aware of what you put in/on your body, what you’re breathing, pesticides, new rugs giving off fumes- you get the picture. (side note- i promise i’m not that crazy mom who obsesses about all that and i haven’t gone completely green/non toxic but i do try to do little things here and there to help the balance. ie- a smarter diaper choice- so much love for the honest company, air purifying plants, natural fiber rugs.)

since we live in a 90 year old house with all hardwood floors, we had a lot of ground to cover (pun intended) and by that i mean we had to go on a rug shopping spree.

new wool and cotton rugs + (not shown) new rug pad
living room- new wool and cotton rugs + (not shown) new rug pad

we found some great rugs but after a couple days, i realized we were in desperate need of some rug pads. in the past i used those cheap rubber ones that smelled weird and left a really cute imprint- sorry, buyers! so i was on the lookout for some that were softer and less chemical-y, when i came across rugpadusa.com. they are low VOC, custom and super comfy. i ended up picking this rug pad (1/2 inch) for our bedroom and living room. let’s just say i’d sleep on them if need be!

bedroom- new rug + new rug pad

do yourself a favor- head on over to their site and grab a couple! [ps- use AUG10 for 10% off!]

while rugpadusa.com gifted me these awesome rug pads, all opinions are my own!