lighting update


okay, so i know y’all are dyyying (hah) for a master update! unfortunately, i don’t have too much to share other than a lighting update. i decided to go with these because having extra room on the nightstands really appealed to me and i really liked the look. but when we were installing them, we noticed they were really poor quality (crooked arms, missing parts, unstable on the wall, etc. ALSO, there was a warning in the box that said they contained lead and to wash your hands every time you touched them. UM they’re swing-arm lamps. how are you not supposed to touch them all.the.time??) and giving PB the benefit of the doubt, i sent them back and got new ones, thinking it was just a bad batch. nope. these were worse than the original ones. so, long story longer, (riveting, i know) we are left with scuff marks and four screws in the wall.

so i scratched my original idea and started the search for just lamps. lamps are easy to find but pretty, cheaper ones? not so much. i was reading another blog this morning and she happened to be talking about master update, lamps, etc and i loved her lamps but they were just a bit more than what i wanted to spend. i played detective and seriously found their doppelgangers for more than $100 cheaper. you’re welcome.

*a couple copycats- pretty good, right?! (right column is the cheaper route!)


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