weekend edition


happy saturday from charleston! i sure have missed this place. we’ve been doing all of my favorite things and the weather has been perfect. we’re headed home tomorrow just in time for peak weekend (!!!) and fun halloween activities.

here are a few good links from this week.

»i have a confession- i am one of those people who are OBSESSED with christmas. and yes, i may or may not like to start the celebrating right after halloween. in my defense, i like to think that thanksgiving and christmas are part of the “holiday season”- the food, family, coziness and excitement just roll into one big super holiday for me! so haters, SHH 😉 anyways, i was really excited to see one kings lane has a great event up, just in time for november 1st the holidays! also, can’t wait to get my hands on this!

»(one more christmas item) just bought this and cannot wait to use it. i have so many ideas!!

»worth a look!


»pretty into this. want to try it yourself? here’s a great diy from one of my faves.

»no guilt home decor

»great tips

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