lighting dupe: ikea vs anthropologie

i’ll be back friday with a special new years weekend edition but just  wanted to quickly pop in with a little dupe.

a few months ago, i found this light at ikea to hang over my kitchen sink. i love the gold hardware and the black and white cording- i actually think the details are prettier on the ikea one.

ikea’s ranarp pendant light $24.99
anthropologie’s paxo pendant light on sale now for 149.95 (orginally $298)

pretty good right??

ikea ranarp// anthropologie paxo


when i was younger, my family and i would visit nyc most christmases. there isn’t anything more magical than the city around the holidays, no matter your age. one of my most favorite parts was the windows on 5th avenue. i loved taking in every last detail of the intricate designs.

here are some- past and present. [i’m SO jealous of the amazingly talented people who get to call this their job- definitely a dream job for me!]



ps- a quick video of anthropologie’s gumdrop lane- love this so much!

weekend edition


since this is our first christmas in our new neighborhood, it’s been so fun to see all the decorations. pretty much everyone goes all out- its amazing!

such a sucker for a converted home.

hey santa, i’d like this in my stocking please!

meet my new instagram crushes.

some good coffee table book picks.

can i live in ina’s pantry?!

did y’all know they had bedding?? perfect for a little girl’s room or guest room. even better- 50% off right now!

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i have one more post next week and then i’m going to take some time to be with my family for the holidays. hope everyone has a happy, cozy christmas and a fun (and safe!) new years- see you in 2016!


wrapping paper round up

i’ve finally started my christmas shopping and the packages are starting to show up on my doorstep- time to start wrapping!

when i was little, my aunt wrapped every present in craft paper and drew the prettiest bow and name tag- it was the best. maybe one day, i’ll be cool like her but for now i like to keep things pretty simple (ie craft paper, bakers twine, maybe a sprig of holly or rosemary tucked in) but these are just too pretty! [link under each picture]


FullSizeRender (3)


FullSizeRender (4)





homemade gift baskets

gift basket


since moving into our house in june, our neighbors have been so sweet, helpful and welcoming- we couldn’t ask for more! so i decided to put together a little homemade christmas basket for each neighbor. you can’t really beat the combo of homemade, sweet treats and a little Christmas touch.

candied citrus peel– something different yet so pretty!


shortbread toffee bars (there are a bunch of different recipes out there for this but this is my family’s recipe which is the BEST.)

photo via the kitchn
photo via the kitchn
for the shortbread:
2 c flour
1 c (2 sticks) butter
2/3 c powdered sugar
cream together butter and sugar. add flour. (dough will be very stiff) pat into a 15.5″ x 10.5″ jelly roll pan. you can use a rolling pin to help smooth it out in the pan. bake at 350 for approximately 19 minutes until lightly browned.
for the toffee:
1 c butter
2 T white corn syrup
1/2 c granulated sugar
1 can ‘eagle’ brand sweetened condensed milk
melt butter in heavy saucepan. add rest of ingredients. stir over medium high heat for approximately 7-10 minutes. toffee will thicken and become creamy. (butter will incorporate.) pour toffee over hot shortbread. cool completely.
for the topping:
2 giant hershey chocolate bars (approximately 14 oz)
3 T butter cut in small pieces
put in a glass bowl and cover with wax paper. melt in microwave on high for 2 minutes. it won’t be completely melted but stir until smooth. spread over cooled toffee and shortbread. cool until firm but not really hard. cut into 1″ squares.
should make about 8 dozen (obviously great for gifts + extra for you!) keep refrigerated or frozen- i prefer this. pieces thaw rapidly when taken out of the freezer and separated. hide from your dad 24/7. (obviously my aunt wrote these very helpful instructions hahaha! but really, hide them!)

some other ideas- gingerbread, christmas cinnamon rolls, caramel nougat swirls, the best chocolate chip cookies.


weekend edition


i know i mentioned i was going to do a post about my bathroom reno this week but it has rained every. single. day. and there are a few more shots i’d like to get when its not raining. anyways, we have a lot of christmas things going on this weekend (a parade, charlottesville holiday market, the holiday market at grelen– has anyone been? i’m super excited!) and lots of decorating! hope y’all have a great weekend!

a few finds from this week-


about to follow this before the christmas influx

i know due to who this person is, it loses a little cred but this place is seriously pretty!

yay- my new issue was just delivered!

loving this sweet gift guide for all the babies in your life!

anyone a fixer upper fan? loved the season premiere this past tuesday- so good, right?!

love her picks!

this comes out today!


decor + home goods gift guide

so I’m going to join the masses and try out this whole gift guide thing. i’m so unique!  but hey, my stepdad (hi swan!), told me that he just bought a christmas present for me, based on my blog. so, i mean, if that’s all the good that comes out of these types of posts, that just kinda means i get to not-so secretly tell everyone what to get me 😉

some of my favorite shops just happen to be located in charleston- thank god they have the option of online shopping although i sure do miss popping in! also, i tried to round up some stores in charlottesville but as i haven’t lived there in over ten years, i’m a little out of the loop- would love recommendations!

open door + mac & murphy

open door: cyber monday 20% off- use code givethanks
mini pineapple bowl// copper mug (i’m a huge fan of moscow mules and swear these mugs make them even better!)// gold leaf glasses// terrafirma tart tray (these are hard to find on sale, so take advantage today!)// silver slate coasters

the southerner’s cookbook// bathing beauty stationary// gold foil + letterpress charleston print (one of my favorite prints-seen here)// white + gold stapler// grocery goals

celadon + candlefish

celadon: cyber monday 25% off-use code cyber25
charleston quilt// charleston rock glasses// morrocan basket// paddle cactus print// vintage oushak pillow

‘under the tree’ candle// ‘hippie hollow’ candle// charleston rice bead earrings in rose gold// small batch tonic// ‘lady’ candle// ‘fig’ candle



camille styles entertaining// the kinfolk table// the new york times 36 hours// habitat// mounted elephant-cyber monday 25% off- use code best monday// peach and gold dot dish// bedding– use code cybermonday2015) sconce// radio// natural hide rug// circular hanging rattan swing// sea cloud towel// moresque chair// sunshine art– check out the website for cyber monday sales codes!// design darling cocktail napkins– love these! cyber monday 20% off- use code thankful

weekend edition

i see you christmas decorations

we’ll be sticking close to home this weekend, finishing phase one of the bathroom, doing a few other projects and preparing our house for a huge (!!!) thanksgiving at our house, which we’re pretty excited about.

one king’s lane just gets me

trying to nail down a thanksgiving cocktail

a few designers to keep your eye on

always look forward to her round ups

favorite house of the week

only two left! (someone grab them so i can live vicariously through you, my husband is not a fan- insert side eye)

love these

(update: this post had already been scheduled before yesterday’s horrific tragedy. sending so much love for not only paris but for everywhere. i am heartbroken.)

decking the halls


as y’all know, (since i confessed here) i kiiiinda like love am obsessed with christmas.  i keep things pretty simple and traditional but i’m such a sucker for vintage christmas decor. without it getting too theme-y/ cliche/ your grandma’s house, i love to add touches here and there (think bottle brush trees, pastel-y glass ornaments, tinsel) and mix traditional and vintage. i scour ebay, etsy and estate sales for items on the cheap but if that’s not your thing, so many stores this year (especially, it seems) have put out some nostalgic goodies.

some items on my wish list:
-some sort of old christmas related sign (see above)
-my granny had a bunch of these and i loved them when i was little
-some vintage children’s picture books
-look for some pretty antique stockings to add to the mantel
– frame old piano book lyrics/ record covers/ postcards—> YES