hi! (finally) + master redo + a lamp round up

so, i’ve finally gotten my act together and really want to start maintaining this space. i want this to be a place where i can keep all of my thoughts, ideas and inspiration- part my home and part things that i love!

anyways, today i’ve put together some ideas for some bedside lamps and wall lamps for my master redo. unfortunately, (at least for right now) i’m NOT okay with showing you before pictures of our room. we moved into our new house two years ago and sadly the dining room, living room and nursery got precedence and our bedroom took the (way, way) back back burner. so now that all of the main living spaces are taken care of (for the most part), i want need to focus on our space. so, i’ve decided to start with lighting (sidenote: i stole our two bedside lamps to put on our new console in our living room- yep, told ya, it’s a BAD scene.)

some background/ painting the scene of our room presently- it’s an eggshell color, with off white carpet and two windows. our bed, two mismatched bedside tables, some random art, one lamp (yikes), a dresser, the comfiest armchair (that if reupholstered would be great in the room!) and a cool old cabinet that houses a small tv and a ton of books.

what i see for our bedroom: a neutral gray (not too blue or green) white linen curtains, (maybe) an tufted white? darker gray? headboard, lighting, an end of the bed bench and perhaps a cool full length mirror. i want the vibe to be calming (not a lot of color), a good mix or feminine and masculine (grays, creams, golds, and maybe small pops of a tiny whisper of blush) and a good mix of new and old.

i will keep a running list of our projects and keep y’all updated!

  • paint
  • lighting
  • headboard
  • bench
  • reupholster chair
  • art
  • curtains
  • new linens
  • mirror

so without further ado, here is a round up of bedside lighting. still don’t know if I want the wall lamp style or just table lamps. suggestions welcome!

Master lamps


orrrr do i do table lamps and something like this over the headboard? too much?


i’d really like to get this project done in the next couple months (probably more, let’s be real, y’all) so stay tuned!


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