coffee table staples

IMG_3332i love a big coffee table. its so nice to have the room to spread out and work, have all my current favorite books and candles displayed and still have room to spare. i try to keep things pretty, simple and fresh.

wondering about the coffee table? its a find from my step dad (who tracks down a lot of my amazing stuff!). it’s a country pine kitchen / work table from c. 1900 -1910, but could be a little earlier. it was found in bedford, virginia and most likely made in central virginia. pretty characteristic of small shop or farm made utility tables, its mortised and pegged constructed on the base with a more rustic face nailed top. the base was probably originally painted or painted early on and again on top of that later but now has a nice textural patina which i love. we cut down the legs so it works better as a coffee table. i love using items that were used for completely different purposes.

on current rotation:

– books
the coast of maine– small but i love the pictures and reminds me of my sister    who is living up there right now.
design sponge– love all of the pictures and great inspiration.
the southerner’s handbook– a cute little staple
small town escapes– i’m always to take little road trips and explore quaint,        rural towns.
homemade– beautiful pictures and great recipes.

{my wish lists -for the coffee table and cookbooks– i have SO many!)

-magazines- i always keep a stack of my collection of old dominos- so glad they’re back! and current magazines that i still haven’t figured out how to keep up with them…

-candles- super into produce (sister company of rewined– another fave) right now. the branding is SO on point, smell amazing and are made right here in charleston!

-planner + favorite pens- this year i went with a different planner* (don’t know how i ever strayed from this planner though.) so far i really like it and am feeling super organized. also, the only pens i use, le pen, are the best and come in every color.

*sold out right now but if you’re local go grab one at dulles design!

-etc- a little bowl to corral matches (mine’s old anthropologie but loving this one), a tray (old target but dying over this one) and lastly my hand blown glass heart that daniel got me in steamboat springs.

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2 thoughts on “coffee table staples

    1. Yes- you have to try them- they’re amazing! They’re sold in a ton of different stores locally (GDC, Dulles Designs, Celadon, Out of Hand, Coastal Cupboard- right near you! etc.) I love Rewined ‘Merlot’ and Produce “Beet”.


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