what you should be buying at: furbish studio

another new series (!)- what you should be buying at _____. i’ll be spotlighting stores that i love and the amazing stuff they have.

first up- furbish studio. jamie meares, of the oh-so popular blog, i suwanee, is such an inspiration and has an amazing eye. such a great mix of home accessories, gifts, even bags and jewelry. i have yet to visit the raleigh brick and mortar but this is a site i check weekly to see what new goodies they have and trust me, they have so much good stuff.

check out some of my favorites.


this cult classic is back in stock and is so versatile- living room/ playroom storage, a bright pop of color in the bathroom or even a planter.


i’m such a sucker for an otomi textile. another versatile purchase- table runner, a cool wall hanging (how cute would it look in a little girl’s room??), even at the end of the bed.


love this simple pillow.



such a pretty southern staple.



about to scoop this up for the front porch (ps-i finally painted the headboard ceiling haint blue and let me tell ya, it looks GOOD ūüôā also, i wanted to be as historically correct as i could so i referred to the “historic colors of charleston” color chart by sherwin williams and picked piazza blue.)


i’m such a fan of local artists and this one just so happens to be from my ol’ stompin’ grounds. love this one from dorothy shain.

SO good, right?


decor + home goods gift guide

so I’m going to join the masses and try out this whole gift guide thing. i’m so unique!  but hey, my stepdad (hi swan!), told me that he just bought a christmas present for me, based on my blog. so, i mean, if that’s all the good that comes out of these types of posts, that just kinda means i get to not-so secretly tell everyone what to get me ūüėČ

some of my favorite shops just happen to be located in charleston- thank god they have the option of online shopping although i sure do miss popping in! also, i tried to round up some stores in charlottesville but as i haven’t lived there in over ten years, i’m a little out of the loop- would love recommendations!

open door + mac & murphy

open door: cyber monday 20% off- use code givethanks
mini pineapple bowl// copper mug (i’m a huge fan of moscow mules and swear these mugs make them even better!)// gold leaf glasses// terrafirma tart tray (these are hard to find on sale, so take advantage today!)// silver slate coasters

the southerner’s cookbook// bathing beauty stationary// gold foil + letterpress charleston print (one of my favorite prints-seen here)// white + gold stapler// grocery goals

celadon + candlefish

celadon: cyber monday 25% off-use code cyber25
charleston quilt// charleston rock glasses// morrocan basket// paddle cactus print// vintage oushak pillow

‘under the tree’ candle// ‘hippie hollow’ candle// charleston rice bead earrings in rose gold// small batch tonic// ‘lady’ candle// ‘fig’ candle



camille styles entertaining// the kinfolk table// the new york times 36 hours// habitat// mounted elephant-cyber monday 25% off- use code best monday// peach and gold dot dish// bedding– use code cybermonday2015) sconce// radio// natural hide rug// circular hanging rattan swing// sea cloud towel// moresque chair// sunshine art– check out the website for cyber monday sales codes!// design darling cocktail napkins– love these! cyber monday 20% off- use code thankful

design book review

the new bohemians: cool and collected homes- justina blakeney

ATHOME-BOHEMIAN-STYLE-1-TB d60ba40b7b90c69cfea03305ee904b48 f030794c96e82ec44455d814422e79c3


while this isn’t a design book i’d normally pick up, i’m always open to getting out of my comfort zone. and i’m glad i did- i really enjoyed this book.

justina blakeney did such a beautiful job putting this book together- the pictures are gorgeous and the spaces are so cool. i love the color, the collected aspect, textile mixing and the organic touches.

i feel that sometimes these sort of books can be a little word heavy (let’s be real- pictures > words, in this case) but she includes short and sweet little blurbs about each space. sprinkled throughout are a series of¬†“adopt an idea”s- which helps translate each style into your own home- and “diy”s that are totally doable and inexpensive.

a little interview
a little bio
buy here, here or here

weekend edition

'pancakes for breakfast' kate waddell. love this so much.
‘pancakes for breakfast’ kate waddell. love this so much.

do y’all ever feel overwhelmed with how much goodness and inspiration there is on the internet? i definitely do. i use bloglovin, pinterest and tons of lists to remind myself of articles to read, places to go, things to do, diys, inspiration, etc. here are a few older links i just discovered on my bloglovin.

six tips on growing your dream job

such a fan of her company!

major inspiration for me

so important

love love love this idea and everything on the website (so many great artists and i literally want one of each)

happy friday! it’s supposed to be below freezing here this weekend. not really sure i’m ready for that. especially since we haven’t gotten our fireplace in complete working order. i’m supposed to be going to high point market this weekend but not sure how to make it work since we’re headed to charleston on monday (!!!) hope everyone has a great weekend!

weekend edition

one thing i'm not looking forward to? the leaves in our yard! happy first weekend of fall! after being in charleston for six years, i’m excited for the crisp weather and amazing foliage! not going to lie though, it’s a little bittersweet. i sure do miss charleston.

it looks like the weather will be pretty cool here this weekend but rainy- yuck! sounds like a good weekend to curl up, watch netflix and drink this. but we are going to try to go to a couple fun fall events (this and this).
(ps-let’s NOT talk about how many leaves are going to be on our lawn in the next few weeks. side eye to you, huge maple trees.)

here are some of my favorite links from this week!

¬Ľlove this quick guide to a great classic.

¬Ľum, YUM!

¬Ľgreat pillow roundup.

¬Ľremember this insta? here’s my cheap source! (and they’re basically custom!)

¬Ľthis hotel is on point. can’t wait to visit.

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weekend edition

FQ8487277 - Exterior (Front)

[this is a new little series i’ll be doing- just of my favorite weekly articles, pins, thoughts, finds, favorites, etc. so keep an eye out every sunday! -in this case monday night!]

¬Ľ can’t find a good article on it but did y’all know that serena and lily came out with a capsule collection that comes out tomorrow (4.21)? pretty excited to check it out!

¬Ľi sure do love everything that domaine puts out.

¬Ľmore studio mcgee love. great little housewarming gifts.

¬Ľi’ve been making these for as long as i can remember. and would love to incorporate into a gallery wall.

¬Ľoh yeah- forgot to mention some BIG news. see that house at the top? yeah we just bought that. in virginia. we’ll ¬†be moving in a short FOUR weeks. and would love to hear y’all’s additions for my charleston bucket list. don’t worry, we’ll be back often! but i have lots of ideas and projects for this new house. something about a house being a hundred years old really inspires me. can’t wait to share.

gallery wall recipe


– a good mix of art- the more the better! you can always eliminate when you layout your design. my gallery wall includes thrift finds, original artwork (including a mixed media, abstract ice cream cone by my favorite 5 year old), abstracts and photography. i really like illustrated quotes, organic paintings or photos (rocks, leaves, etc), neutrals with pops of vibrant colors and old maps/topography.
[side note- i’m really sentimental (maybe too much?) so i added some kitschy art from my granny and a random sticky note that simply says “jordan’s gold heart” that she had written and placed in a plastic bag with my heart necklace that had broken. i took it to staples and had them blow it up. it’s something so personal and gets a lot of attention.]

-frames (i really like these. keep it simple with uniform frames or you can mix it up with vintage and new)

-hanging tools (see below)


-find your art. places to look include goodwill, antique stores, flea markets, estate/ yard sales, online (etsy, 20×200, serena & lily, design darling, etc), anywhere! if you like it, scoop it up!

-find frames you like or better yet, if they’re framed already, great!

-find a big wall- location suggestions- half bath, entry, living room, kids/playroom.

-lay out your design on the floor. make it very uniform or organized. also, here are some layouts.

-actual hanging directions!

also- a few quick reads on gallery walls! (apartment therapy & architectural digest)

need some real life inspiration? here’s mine!


weekend edition


¬†[i’m sure everyone has already seen this¬†but i love it!]

here are a few of my favorite links this week:

-i have an obsession with floor plans- so i obviously love this!

-if you live in charleston, this is a must read (because i know y’all must get a ton of guests like i do!)

-have kids? or a niece/nephew? etc? love this idea to keep things (visually!) tidy.

-i see some diys in my future.

-the everygirl has the best reads- especially the home tours!

-lastly, my favorite v-day post- amaaazing!

also, update on the bedroom makeover- the sconces have been ordered- yay!

happy val/galentine’s y’all! hope your weekend is full of love, happiness¬†and sweets!

coffee table staples

IMG_3332i love a big coffee table. its so nice to have the room to spread out and work, have all my current favorite books and candles displayed and still have room to spare. i try to keep things pretty, simple and fresh.

wondering about the coffee table? its a find from my step dad (who tracks down a lot of my amazing stuff!). it’s a country pine kitchen / work table from c. 1900 -1910, but could be a little earlier. it was found in bedford, virginia and most likely¬†made in central virginia. pretty characteristic of small shop or farm made utility tables, its mortised and pegged constructed on the base with a more rustic face nailed top. the base was probably originally painted or painted early on and again on top of that later but now has a nice textural patina which i love. we cut down the legs so it works better as a coffee table. i love using items that were used for completely different purposes.

on current rotation:

the coast of maine–¬†small but i love the pictures and reminds me of my sister ¬† ¬†who is living up there right now.
design sponge– love all of the pictures and great inspiration.
the southerner’s handbook– a cute little staple
small town escapes– i’m always to take little road trips and explore quaint, ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†rural towns.
homemade– beautiful pictures and great recipes.

{my wish lists -for the coffee table and cookbooks– i have SO many!)

-magazines- i¬†always keep a stack of my collection of old dominos- so glad they’re back! and current magazines that i still haven’t figured out how to keep up with them…

-candles- super into produce (sister company of rewinedРanother fave) right now. the branding is SO on point, smell amazing and are made right here in charleston!

-planner + favorite pens- this year i went with a different planner* (don’t know how i ever strayed from this planner though.) so far i really like it and am feeling super organized. also, the only pens i use, le pen, are the best and come in every color.

*sold out right now but if you’re local go grab one at dulles design!

-etc- a little bowl to corral matches (mine’s old anthropologie but loving this one), a tray (old target but dying over this one) and lastly my hand blown glass heart that daniel got me in steamboat springs.

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