crushing on: studio mcgee

i think i’ve found my new designer obsession. this husband and wife team create the most beautiful spaces and everything they do is amazing. follow their blog and instagram– you won’t be sorry!

some of my favorites

d80f2160b8d075775f64c869e0571bd3 18d65747cc943c7cfe95d1e7ad886719 6c0daf5af5b228edf4bb556e9724116a 0d5ebeff8e8d5dd7193a34c5c91f3474 90d7f9b4bfd9ee18b2e56048b1f7ccdf a78838af01b58a9cce3c76aece0c4cdf 831c1a1ed426bfb1e7712d321046e8fd ae545598d0d4d047cf8c3ac2c10cd95b 38fd1c8b9851fde002f168771a3d39c6 a2d643909440f7005e2d17847a00953c be8026f39bc0c910c1dd7faf2b6c40c9 9070263790f5fbb8336468fa48beabf5 8e753ab1c0e09a0f994708587958095d 3a1e56143ade0048b80757f2ed6750d8 564b01fd71b37aa2739ee831f27cfec2 d261dfd8cc71b61d05ae0419626e03fa d80f2160b8d075775f64c869e0571bd3


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