weekend edition

FQ8487277 - Exterior (Front)

[this is a new little series i’ll be doing- just of my favorite weekly articles, pins, thoughts, finds, favorites, etc. so keep an eye out every sunday! -in this case monday night!]

» can’t find a good article on it but did y’all know that serena and lily came out with a capsule collection that comes out tomorrow (4.21)? pretty excited to check it out!

»i sure do love everything that domaine puts out.

»more studio mcgee love. great little housewarming gifts.

»i’ve been making these for as long as i can remember. and would love to incorporate into a gallery wall.

»oh yeah- forgot to mention some BIG news. see that house at the top? yeah we just bought that. in virginia. we’ll  be moving in a short FOUR weeks. and would love to hear y’all’s additions for my charleston bucket list. don’t worry, we’ll be back often! but i have lots of ideas and projects for this new house. something about a house being a hundred years old really inspires me. can’t wait to share.


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