color study: lavender


ever since i can remember, i’ve been obsessed with color. being an interior design/ art history major in college, allowed me to really study, learn it and fall in love with it even more.  (side note- funny, because i have major commitment issues with it in my own house.) i also go through phases where i see a trend in everything i pin/bookmark. and right now i’m super into lavender.

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want to incorporate lavender into your house? here are some helpful tips:

tone: make sure you have the right tone. a good amount of grey or blue will make for a chicer vibe without being babyish.

accent colors: tangerine, cobalt, eggplant, hunter green, grey, navy.

colors to avoid: any other pastels (hello easter!)

decor: keep it masculine for the most part (a few girly pops here and there are okay!) with clean lines and modern fabric.

suggested accents: to keep things looking fresh and clean try; vintage brass sconces, leather, ghost chairs, a moody watercolor abstract, a mid-century modern chandelier, statement wallpaper, a graphic fabric (pillows, a small chair), wood elements.

not ready to bite the bullet/ too much color for you? try it in small amounts- the powder room, a little girl’s room, pillows, a cool abstract painting, two cozy chairs, the patio that needs a spring update…

be bold and have fun!

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